That Place


No earrings, no necklace, no bracelets, not even sunglasses. Not today.

Her days are always surrounded by many objects. From her morning dress up to a full days work.

But her peace is with in the simplest of attire and moments. Today will be a great day.
Just family, sand, sun, and the ocean.

Tranquility consumed her. She is in that place. That place she feels when she takes a deep breath of lavender eucalyptus oil and as she
breathes out her eyes close slightly.

The Obsession


illustration3She was aware that her obsession with fashion was useless, worthless and redundant.
Sure styling is fun. The way you dress can encourage some confidence.
But she knew she wasn’t contributing to saving or helping anyone.

Is that not what we are here for, to help one another and love one another.

Fashion is her fascination. But she needed more.

Stripes On The Legs

Stripes On The Legs

Yellow gold earrings
$660 –

This Is What I Want To Wear

coldillustration2The winter bereaved her of the desire to put an ensemble together. “Who cares I don’t care what I am wearing. I am cold.” The cold saps the innate warmth that not only lingers in the body but the warmth that enables the mind to live, explore, and imagine. “This is what I want to wear all winter.”

Poncho cool

Poncho cool

Rituals shirts top
$40 –

Delpozo pastel pants

Anthropologie Favorites

Anthropologie Favorites

Bordeaux petite top


High heel shoes

Leather handbag

Black necklace

Straw hat



SUMMER by mauveishly featuring a red dress

Carven blue dress

Saloni red dress

Platform sandals
$170 –

Blue handbag

Warehouse bib statement necklace
$33 –

Anthropologie Favorites

Anthropologie Favorites

Stripe sweater

Denim pencil skirt

Velcro strap shoes

White jewelry

Calluna Weekender

Its Cold

Its Cold

Pullover sweater
$125 –

Proenza Schouler coat

Skinny jeans
$33 –

Vero Moda infinity scarve
$19 –

Topman Knit Beanie

Simply Perfect 1

Simply Perfect 1

H M cashmere sweater
$66 –

Cleo B black boots
$345 –



I recently visited the Palais Galliera in Paris to see the Alaïa exhibition. Lovely work! Beautiful craftsmanship!
The photo is of postcards I bought while there (not allowed to take photos).

Fabulous Dress

Fabulous Dress



She looked at her fingers. Then inspected her fingertips.

They had wrinkles. Wrinkles? Why?

Was she doing too much with her hands, too much cleaning, and too much hot water?

Her fingertips were protesting and she finally took notice.

The only time she saw wrinkles on fingertips were on her grandmother’s hands.

She thought of her grandmother.

Remembering how every time she held her hands they were cold.

She would cup them and hold them to give her warmth.

She misses her grandmother.



Emerson scoop neck tank
$9.00 –

Amanda Wakeley gathered skirt
$815 –

Pull&Bear loafer shoes
$16 –

Guess jewelry

Dress and Jeans

Dress and Jeans

Alexander McQueen knit dress
$920 –

MSGM pink dress
$445 –

Doublju pea coat

Koral black skinny jeans
$295 –

Bootcut jeans
$41 –

AllSaints gray boots

Syna onyx earrings

H M necklace
$21 –

Get styled

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Comfy pants

Comfy pants

Givenchy suede shoes
$380 –

Fendi shopping bag
$2,960 –

Givenchy purse

Teardrop earrings


This dress was originally made in an A-line shape. I was not fond of it. So I altered it a bit. I made it more fitted and added the black piece at the bottom hem and now I think it turned out great. Flat shoes are my comfy way to hang out in this dress but it looks great with pumps too.


The Coin Purse


This coin purse was a gift from Estonia. I don’t think I have ever seen such a cool, stylish and mauveishly coin purse.


A slightly dark peachy skirt with pockets and a front slit. I made it long to wear comfortably during the winter with boots and tights.
I can see it worn in the evening too with a more revealing top. Mauveishly!!!